Missions’ Purpose

Our Missions ministry takes on the responsibility to: develop mission projects; develop, support and identify candidates who carry out missions endeavour; stimulate prayer concern for world evangelism and for our missionaries; provide assistance and care for sent and supported missionaries; and administer, evaluate and update the Missions.

Mission Programs

The team responsible for planning and implementing the programs geared toward attaining the mission goals of the church. These programs are and not limited to, Mission emphasis month, Children’s Mission Conference, Missionfest and the like.

Campaign & program

The team responsible of planning and implementing initiatives to campaign and encourage church congregation to go to mission. Also responsible for searching for possible prospect to become a missionary or go to a mission.

sent & support

Responsible for the church support of the church sent and supported missionaries and also coordinating with mission agencies and organization. Responsible for making sure missionaries are being cared and looked after.  Making sure financial support are sent on time, monitor and coordinate with missionaries status and update, prepare for furlough and others

Evangelism and Outreach

Bringing the Good News (Gospel of God) to unchurch and unbelievers by our church people.

Our team envisions to plant and grow churches in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

church plant

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