Small Group Ministries

Bible Study Groups

We encourage members and adherents to be a part of a Bible Study group. Contact us to receive more information about the available groups.

Adult Ministry

The Adult ministry includes programs that will help adults (22 years old and up) with their various needs, especially in their walk with Christ. Groups include the Young Adults, Couples groups, Singles, men or women and mature adults.

Young Adults

Ages 22 to 35 years old; single or married


Married one day and up

More than Love

Married for 15 years and up

Young at Heart

Ages 60 years old and up; single or married

Ages 36 years old and up; Women only

daughters of the king (Women’s ministry)

Men's Fellowship

Ages 36 years old and above; Men only

Interest Groups

Interest groups bring together people of same interest, passion and skills.

Fitness in Christ (Aikara)

When: Saturdays, 2 to 6 PM
Who: 9 years old and above

Actors for Christ Talents to Serve (ACTS)

Open to anyone who is interested in being a part of dramatic presentations.

Learn more about the Small Group Ministries

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