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Discipleship Series: Overview of the Book of Revelation Part 5 of 5

Book of Revelation

Part 5

Many Christians and even non-Christians are intrigued by the book of Revelation primarily because it contains details about the future. But the book of Revelation is not just a book about future events. It is primarily a book about the Lord Jesus Christ, His power, righteousness, and glory. These qualities are most revealed in the culmination of salvation history where the Lord Jesus returns to redeem His people, establish His kingdom on earth, destroy the unrepentant, and restore all of creation. This book closes man's fallen history and addresses the unfulfilled Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah and His long awaited reign.

This study is divided into five parts and it will be the last five sessions of the discipleship series this year. Join us in learning more about the book of Revelation, its practical significance, its prophetic contents and most importantly, its central figure - the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself.