Living the Abundant Life in 2018

Ecclesiastes 11:7 - 12:14 (NKJV)  Read passage here

Introduction: As we have crossed over to a new year, may we, like the Israelites be prepared for the changes that we'll meet, focused on Jesus and not on others, pure in our motives and morals (cleansed, forgiven and forgiving), forward looking to the wonders that God will do in our midst and be trusting in our God to fulfill what He has said and promised to us. The challenge then is for us to live the abundant life in 2018 in a way that pleases God.

The last verses of Ecclesiastes give us insights as to how to go about this living:

i. ___________________ each new day ______________________ (11:7,8)
ii. ___________________ your youth  ______________________ (11:9-12:2)
iii. ___________________ your aging ______________________ (12L3-8)
iv. ___________________ for tomorrow  ______________________ (12:9,14)