G3 Testimony Series - Biblical Truths of The Role of The Local Church in Missions

By Francis Vidal & Laura Vidal

“The Grace, Gospel, Glory Conference (G3) was a tremendous blessing to say the least. Rarely do you find a conference that promotes the importance of the local church within life of the Christian. The G3 conference on missions echoed biblical truths of the role of the local church in proclaiming the gospel to all nations, teaching them to obey all that Jesus had commanded.” - Francis Vidal

“G3 was both challenging and refreshing! I thought David Platt summarized the entire conference’s focus on missions with this statement “The accomplishment of the great commission will include a great price, BUT eternity will prove its worth”. Ultimately salvation and the working out of it belongs to the Lord, and what an honour that he chooses and commissions us as messengers! Despite the honour of the great commission, Jesus knows our weaknesses, so he commanded us not to be anxious or afraid. One day, we will see our Lord and Saviour’s face - I pray I live more in the light of this truth.” - Laura Vidal