MB4KIDS: March Break for Kids 2019


By Rizza Facun

The ministry addresses the need of children to know Christ and to make them understand what needs to take place for them to experience the loving grace of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. That they too may share the saving light of Jesus Christ to people within their circle.

MB4KIDS focus has evolved from inward discipling of church kids to outward discipling of kids in the neighborhood. The venue changed from church building facilities to where God led us to public school venue.

Lately we had more non church kids than church kids in attendance. We experience a 20% of kids receiving Christ as their personal Lord and Savior out of the 40 kids enrolled.

Today we are grateful to the young and adult volunteers used by God to minister to the 40 kids who showed up from the 44 kids that have registered. We thank God for the new family we have met in the camp. We are looking forward to having more children from the recent kids who will outgrow the age limit to becoming young volunteers of the future camps.


To God we give glory for He alone deserves such glory!

I love MB4KIDS and everything about it. From being someone who's been a student to now being a volunteer, I can say it has always been a really fun week and great lessons are always taught. -Kisha Delos Reyes