Young @ Heart Fellowship

By Sheila Herbert

The Young @ Heart fellowship meeting began back in 2011, at Commonwealth Avenue Baptist Church, it was called inter-church fellowship. We then changed the name to The Senior’s Fellowship Meeting.

Before we started having it at CABC we would meet with First Filipino Baptist church and Grace international Baptist church.

The purpose for having this event at CABC if to encourage the gathering of inter-denominational churches. This was to encourage our seniors to have fellowship with other Christ believing brothers and sisters from other churches. This gave us the opportunity to worship together, to have Scripture reading, games, quizzes, fellowship and fun one with another, whilst getting to know each other.

It has also given the opportunity to share God’s word, and to share their testimony as to how God has been keeping each one day by day, to share the blessings that they have received in their senior years. We also have all the churches participating, whether it is in songs, poems, or storytelling; whatever God has laid on their hearts.

This event has achieved its goal, each year we have may seniors joining us, they look forward to this time of refreshing with one with another, and to meet other brothers and sisters from other churches and getting to build friendships and relationships. Many of the churches do not have seniors’ activities and there are not many seniors in some of the churches, so it is a great time for gathering together.

For me personally, it has impacted my life in many ways. First, it is a blessing to know that God has given us His promise in His word. In Psalms 92:14; They shall bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing, I also learn from Titus 4: 4-5 that we should take our younger women and that we must be examples and always be sober.

It gives joy to see seniors being happy and rejoicing in the Lord, that they can relax with those of their same age group, and even though they might be having aches and pains they can be friends and relate one to another.

I do hope that this event will continue even if I am not around, that the seniors at Christ Almighty Baptist church will never feel left out that they will always be recognized as a blessing to this congregation.

Yes, we always have guests from other churches and new guests from our congregation. This year we were blessed that the Young People’s Ministry band joined us in worship, what a blessing they were, and we thank the young people who operated the audio room.